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Titel KKL

Kamerkoor Limburg

"With Passion and Perfection..."

The chamber choir Limburg was founded in 2005 and has only a short history. The one who took the initiative was the well known conductor of Kerkrade, Dion Ritten.
The most important aims of this project-chorus are: to further the mixed chorus-music in general, the singing of a repertoire rich in variety with different styles of music, concerts at home and abroad, and all that with the pretention of a musical standard as high as possible. For each project the chorus will be made up anew and consists of singers from the whole province Limburg and above. Besides semi-professionals there are mainly outstanding amateurs with well trained voices.choir ani

At the beginning of each project, singers, who are interested, have to write in and their voices must be tested by the conductor, if they are not known through a production from before. The study at home and days of common studies are the basis for each project. That is very intense and needs time and engagement. In this manner it is possible within a short time to study several compositions. Within the projects the number of singers varies between 20 and 40, dependent on the chosen production.

The participants are singers, who have experiences for years with good productions (as Stabat Mater from Schubert, Messa die Gloria from Puccini, Te Deum of Dvorák or the symphony of resurrection from Mahler).

The chamber choir Limburg gave concerts in his short period of existence in Europe and in America. Concerts were on stage in Amsterdam, Brussel, Antwerpen, Embrun, Bad Staffelstein, Maastricht, Kerkrade, Venlo and Utrecht; in the past the chorus was two times guest in America. In New York, Washington, Philadelphia and in Salt Lake City concerts took place. The chorus takes every chance to manage musical challenges.

In 2013 the chamber choir Limburg gave a concert together with the prominent professional brass band "Wes10brass", where polyphony was in the focus. Both groups were invited by the World-World-Music-Concourse of Kerkrade. Wonderful compositions were represented of the barock (Schutz), the romantic (Mendelssohn and Rheinberger) as also of the modern music (Bàrdos, Goreczki and Gjeilo). The concert together with the "Wes10brass" was a wonderful combination, which made taste of more in the future.

At the end of 2013 the chamber choir Limburg presented a Christmas-project with concerts in Kerkrade and in Bavarian Staffelstein.

The chamber choir Limburg is always on the search of new challenges, not only in choosing the repertoires for the different concerts, but also in the effort, to get connections to other choruses, orchestras and soloists, to reach in this way the intended aims .

In 2013 the chorus has become a foundation with an executive committee. Also is the chorus connected with a higher level union, so that the chorus can be promoted in this way.

Singing in the chamber choir Limburg is for many individual singers a great personal challenge, but is also satisfaction, at the professional rehearsals and at the concerts. In between the chamber choir Limburg has built up a fixed pool of experienced singers, of which you can profit for each project.

The executive committee of the chamber choir Limburg is especially glad, that the initiator Dion Ritten is still connected with this project chorus. He is a prominent conductor at home and abroad. With his name connected are a lot of great worldwide productions. He is a renewer, but he is also in the whole of his heart a fan of "old compositions" from great musicians. In his convincing and motivating manner he knows how to transfer his passion and his enthusiasm onto the members of the chorus. Therefore the chamber choir Limburg can count for nearly every project on a fixed basis of singers.

Owing to a world-wide network of the conductor Dion Ritten the chamber choir Limburg manages every time anew, to surprise the audience with new compositions and there are often good chances, to present very special concerts, for example in the last years several times in the US.

In 2014 the chamber choir Limburg participated in a new international chorus festival "CantaRode" in the music-town Kerkrade. Kerkrade is a town, that not only organizes the biggest competition world wide for brass music (the"WMC", "World-Music-Contest" that is every 4 years), but also every year the "Orlando Festival", a festival for chamber music. A professionally organized international festival for chamber choruses was still missing.

Thanks to the initiative of Dion Ritten this festival has been installed since 2014. Chamber choruses from different countries take part at this contest. A competent jury has been chosen to censure the choruses.

June 2015, KKL organized a summer concert with guest choir the renowned choir from Salt Lake City "Salt Lake Vocal Artists" and Brady Allred, and in July the choir organized a 5-day concert trip to the beautiful Haute Marne and Haute Saône regions in eastern France.
For November, a event was on our agenda on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition of artist Miriam Vleugels in the town hall of Kerkrade.

In July 2016, the choir participated in the Limburger Chornacht in Limburg an der Lahn (D), where 8 choirs performed at 4 locations throughout the evening. Later in October, KKL in Arcen organized an afternoon concert in the chapel of former monastery Stint Paul at Klein Vink estate.

2017 is the year in which we successfully participated in the renowned choir festival in Tallinn (Estonia) during a multi-day choir tour. Subsequently, our choir, together with Mannenkoor Beeker Liedertafel and Boise State Choir of Bois State University in the USA, organized an evening-filled concert in the Geleen meeting church.

In short: The chamber choir Limburg, a chorus always in motion and on the search of good and intense challenges, a musical treat for every real enthusiast of chamber music.

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